Appeal for volunteers

Osprey with goldfishThe Swiss Osprey project could not have happened without the enthusiasm and energy of many volunteers. Between 2015-2020, 41 spent at least two weeks of their summer (a few even returned for several years) to take care of our young birds and to monitor them (see all the teams under Osprey Champions). This is not counting the many other volunteers helping with other tasks, including project supervision; collecting, tagging and monitoring the young birds; maintaining and preparing the aviaries; building nest platforms, etc.

Since 2021, volunteers have greatly contributed to Osprey research and monitoring in and around Switzerland by participating in several “Osprey Mornings”. All the participants are thanked here: in 2021 (a, b, c); 2022 (a, b)  and 2023 (a, b).

In 2024, two “Osprey mornings” will be organised on the Sundays of June 2 and June 23, from dawn to 10 am. Volunteers will be stationed in the most likely Osprey fishing sites, mainly in the Three Lakes region but also at a few sites in the Drugeon, Doubs and Aar river basins. If you are interested and available in participating for one or both of them, please contact us with the dates when you are available and possible preferences for observation sites. Everyone inscribed will be contacted ten days before each date for the allocation of an observation point, to be determined based on the number of volunteers who have signed up. Many thanks for your participation in advance!

The Osprey in Switzerland