Participants 20 June, 2021

Black-throated Diver at Portalban in June 2021

Many thanks to all!

While not everyone got to see an Osprey, a number of interesting observations were made at just about every observation post, including this Black-throated Diver, a surprising species to see in Switzerland in June.

Daniel Aubin Johnny Kursner
Gilbert Barras Denis Landenbergue
Mathis Barras Ana Paula Machado
Michel Beaud André Maradan
Nadine Bitterli  Andrew McMullin
Thomas Bula Paul-André Morandi
David Château-Basler Christelle Mugny
Nathaline Château-Basler Tania Paratian
Blaise Droz Simon-Pierre Parrat
Martial Farine Jean-Yves Pirot
Niels Friedrich Claire Piveteaud
Didier Gobbo  Pascal Rapin
Philippe Grovernier Stéphanie Schouwey-Spicher
Benjamin Gygax Robin Séchaud
Loann Hoffer Sophie Singh
Christiane Holweger Wendy Strahm
Jean-Luc Holweger Stéphane Theytaz
Carole Jaussi Virginie Trieu
Michel Jaussi Marguerite Trocmé
Christine Kursner Christian Vaucher
  Quentin Wenger

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The Osprey in Switzerland