Some favourite webcams

Webcams for the aviary by Pascal SchoepferWe love watching Ospreys. But if we can’t see them in the wild, here is the next best thing–seeing them live on a webcam during the breeding season. We hope to show you some views of Ospreys in Switzerland in the future, but until we can do that here are a  few links to some of our favourite Osprey webcams elsewhere in the world*:

Manton Bay, England (Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust)

Kalakotka 1, Kalakotka 2, Estonia

Loch Arkaig, Scotland (Woodland Trust)

Chesapeake Bay, USA (Chesapeake Conservancy)

Boulder County, USA (Boulder County, Colorado)

San Francisco Bay, USA (Golden Gate Audubon Society)

Sadly in 2020 the pair at the Loch of the Lowes,  Scotland (Scottish Wildlife Trust) didn’t breed, but hopefully there will be better luck next year!

*Note that we have included webcams, or rather “nestcams”, from Europe and North America here, but don’t forget the time differences. If it is night time at some of these sites you will not see a lot. If there is a problem with one webcam, try another.

The Osprey in Switzerland