Frequently asked questions

Osprey nestThe species is well studied and we provide links to various references from which information on this website has been based. Answers to frequently asked questions are provided here. If you have other questions please ask!

When did the Osprey last breed in Switzerland?
Why did the Osprey disappear as a breeding species in Switzerland?
Where are Ospreys found today?
Why won’t the Ospreys return to breed in western Switzerland by themselves?
Might taking a few chicks per year and moving them elsewhere harm the parent population?
What makes the Osprey unique?
What do Ospreys eat?
Where do Ospreys nest?
Where do Ospreys migrate?
Are Ospreys one species or several?
These questions and  others are treated in more detail with references in the Nos Oiseaux article of 2013 (in French), available here.

The Osprey in Switzerland