Osprey Champions

Nest building demonstrated by Roy Dennis and Rolf Wahl

This project could not have been developped without the support, advice, time and enthusiasm of many people or institutions.

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The Fondation Rita Roux pour la défense et la protection des animaux, Fribourg, is our first big supporter, followed by the MAVA Foundation for Nature, the Fondation Segré, in 2017 the Ellis Elliot Foundation, and in 2018 the Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt. To all we extend our great thanks!

We are also grateful for the financial support provided by the Zoological Society of Geneva, the Upper Lake Geneva bird census group, the Planeta Foundation, Pro Pandion-the Luc Hoffmann Initiative for Osprey, and a number of individual donors.

We appreciate greatly the precious support from government departments and institutions of the Canton of Fribourg, notably the Etablissements de Bellechasse and the Natural History Museum.

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As well as to the very professional bird rescue centres: the Centre de réadaptation ornithologique at Genthod, Geneva; the Eulen- und Greifvogelstation at Haringsee, Austria; the Centre de Réadaptation des Rapaces at Bardonnex, Geneva; and the veterinarian Toufik Brahimi in Algeria.

Our warm thanks go to the wonderful volunteers who have dedicated their precious time to be part of the project field implementation team. Everyone involved in the 2015 season is thanked here, for 2016 here, for 2017 here, for 2018 here, for 2019 here and for 2020 here.

Thanks also to the professional fishermen who gave us so many kilos of fresh fish:
  • Pierre Schär, Mur, Lac de Morat www.les-poissonneries.ch
  • Luc Gilliéron†, Chemin du Lac 1, Cudrefin, Lac de Neuchâtel
  • Henri, Ginette & Yannis Christinat, Môtier, Lac de Morat
  • Claude Delley, Portalban, Lac de Neuchâtel www.delley.ch

We also thank Fabrice Christinat (Coppet) and Michel Garde (Tannay) for providing the first Swiss meal for our Ospreys in 2015, as well as David Francioli (Allaman) for his fish in 2020.

Our partners in Scotland, Germany and Norway for their support in supplying our young birds

In particular we thank Roy Dennis, Daniel Schmidt and Rune Aae for their great efforts and super-human organisation, as well as ringers Holger Gabriel and Mario Firla. Not forgetting everyone in the national nature conservation bodies and veterinary authorities  involved in the project.

The Osprey Steering Group for Nos Oiseaux
  • Michel Beaud
  • Denis Landenbergue
  • Pascal Rapin
  • Wendy Strahm
Supporters from abroad who have provided a lot of advice and support as well as in many cases hospitality and fun.
  • Rob Bierregaard
  • Jacques Bordon
  • Eva Casado
  • Roy Dennis
  • Andreia Dias
  • João Ferreira
  • Miguel Ferrer
  • Michel Hirtz
  • Alan Johnson†
  • Torsten Langgemach​
  • Sylvain Larzillière​
  • Tim Mackrill​
  • Bernt & Chris Meyburg
  • Marco Mirinha
  • Renaud Nadal
  • Ian Newton
  • Luis Palma
  • Alan Poole
  • Daniel Schmidt
  • Andrea Sforzi
  • Paul Stammers
  • Simon Stuart
  • Issa Sylla
  • Jean-François Terrasse
  • Michel Terrasse
  • Rick Watson
  • Rolf Wahl
  • John Wright
Supporters in Switzerland who have been helpful and donated their time, ideas and talents to the preparation of the project.
  • Adrian Aebischer
  • Michel Antoniazza
  • Alain Barbalat
  • Pierre Beaud
  • Olivier Biber
  • Laurent Broch
  • François Burnier
  • Erik Carp
  • Marie-Madeleine Defago
  • Olivier Epars
  • Bernard Genton
  • Didier Gobbo
  • Pierre Goeldlin
  • Olivier Goy
  • Pierre Hainard
  • Jacqueline Hänggeli
  • Peter Hulm
  • Kath Hurst
  • Patrick Jacot
  • Michel Jaussi
  • Olivier Jean-Petit-Matile
  • Marcel S. Jacquat
  • Michel Juillard
  • Roberto Lardelli
  • Freddy Mariaux
  • Andrew McMullin
  • Nikki Meith
  • Christelle Mugny
  • Jean & Françoise Mundler
  • Blaise Nicolet
  • Gerry Obara
  • Simon-Pierre Parrat
  • Bertrand Posse
  • Hans Schmid
  • Pascal Schöpfer
  • Pierre-Alain Ravussin
  • Laurent Vallotton
  • Jean-Paul Zendali

Supporters who have donated material to the project

  • Patrice Baechler
  • Pierre-André Baeriswyl
  • WWF International


Thanks also to Mrs Ivor Cecco and the “Groupe des Jeunes” of Nos Oiseaux who lent us two excellent telescopes.


The Osprey in Switzerland