Osprey team 2019

2 volunteers Osprey project 2019

  • Wendy Strahm, project coordinator.
  • Andreia Dias, Osprey expert and field assistant.
  • Marine Brunel, Osprey warden, and Emmanuel Carino for his temporary help.
  • The volunteers who spent at least two weeks with us during the summer of 2019 (Amy Hall, Sandra Hails, Jérémie Jenny, Marie-Jo Küch, Johnny Kursner, Dany Ligron, Michèle Looten, Rim Maamouri, Gary Miller, Bernard Monnier, Denis Landenbergue, Thierry Schmid and Marièle Zufferey), as well as those who helped when needed (Pierre-André Baeriswyl, Solange Chuat-Clottu, Emile Curty, Christelle Mugny, Pascal Rapin and Christine Rast). Big thanks to all!
  • Michel Beaud, President of the Osprey Project Steering Group; Adrian Aebischer, Didier Gobbo and Pascal Schöpfer, for their work behind the scenes, as always essential and much appreciated.
  • For the collection and transport of the young birds, Rune Aae and family, as well as Jørn Bøhmer Olsen in Norway; Mario Firla, Holger Gabriel, Günther Röber and Daniel Schmidt in Germany.
  • Great thanks to the extremely efficient nest-building group: the super climbers Christian Grand, Paco Grand and Yann Marbach, with ground-crew Michel Beaud, Emile Curty, Joachim Haldi, Denis Landenbergue, Pascal Rapin, Carmen Sedonati, Wendy Strahm and Henri Vigneau.
  • Special thanks go to the Centre Ornithologique de Réadaptation – in particular Patrick Jacot and Emilie Brethaut, as well as to Hans Frey of the Eulen- & Greifvogelstation, to Christoph Küpfer of the Burgfalknerei, and to Ludovic Bourqui at the Centre de Réadaptation des Rapaces.
  • Thanks also to the professional fishermen Claude Delley, Pierre Schär & family, and Nicolas Tardé that they generously provided for our birds.

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