The 2019 team

We had a great season in 2019, with all 12 birds released migrating, plus we had two birds, Fusée PR9 (from 2016) and Taurus PS7 (from 2017) returning to Switzerland. This was thanks to all the hard work of many people both this year and in previous ones. Special thanks go to the volunteers who spent at least two weeks of their precious time in the field at Bellechasse: Sandra Hails, Amy Hall, Jérémy Jenny, Marie-Jo Küch, Johnny Kursner, Danièle Ligron, Michèle Looten, Rim Maamouri, Gary Miller, Bernard Monnier, Thierry Schmid and Marièle Zufferey. They all worked enthusiastically with the Osprey technicians Marine Brunel (replaced for a week by Emmanuel Carino) and Andreia Dias, long-serving volunteer Denis Landenbergue, and project coordinator Wendy Strahm. Not forgetting Adrian Aebischer, Michel Beaud, Emile Curty, Pascal Rapin, Christine Rast, Pascal Schöpfer and many other colleagues and supporters who also helped the project in one way or another in 2019 (all listed in our report to be published in the March 2020 issue of the Nos Oiseaux journal). Our warm thanks to all!