Osprey team 2015

Equipe Projet Balbuzard à l'Assemblé générale de Nos OIseaux

  • Wendy Strahm, project coordinator.
  • Emmanuel Carino, Osprey warden.
  • The volunteers (Gilbert Bavaud, Michel Boegli, Astrance Chervet-Fenestraz, Emile Curty, Denis Landenbergue, Christelle Mugny, Jean-Michel Progin, Karine Vincent and Erwan Zimmermann) most of whom spent at least two weeks with us during the summer of 2015. This wonderful group donated lots of their time, energy and passion to the project and took great care of our Ospreys. We give them a big THANK YOU, and hope to see them again in the future.
  • Andreia Dias, Osprey expert, who provided essential support during the first two weeks when the young ospreys arrived.
  • Michel Beaud, President of the Osprey Project Steering Group and indefatigable “Mr Fix-it”, available whenever needed.
  • Adrian Aebischer, Pascal Schöpfer and Pascal Rapin also helped at crucial moments.
  • The tree-climbing nest-builders Christian Grand, Pascal Grand, Daniel Schmidt and Henri Vigneau.

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The Osprey in Switzerland