Participants 9 May, 2021

Castor à Wohlensee

Many thanks to all! 

Many other species were seen, including one (photo) also reintroduced to Switzerland.

Ulrika Aaberg Jean-Luc Holweger
Gilbert Barras Sven Henrioux
Mathis Barras Michel Jaussi
Michel Beaud Carole Jaussi
Julie Bergoignan Noël Jeannot
Enzo Bertolo Olivier Jean-Petit-Matile
Thomas Bula Soraya Krieg
Emmanuel Carino Johnny Kursner
Nicolas Casalonga Christine Kursner
Mirella Catella Denis Landenbergue
Michel Cattin André Maradan
Nathaline Château-Basler Andrew McMullin
David Château-Basler Bernard Monnier
Carlo Colombo Simon-Pierre Parrat
Emile Curty Jean-Yves Pirot
Laurence Drogrey Pascal Rapin
Phillipe Drogrey Patrice Salvi
Blaise Droz Robin Séchaud
Jérémy Droz Jean-Luc Simon
Martial Farine Sophie Singh
Niels Friedrich Wendy Strahm
Didier Gobbo  Luc Villarejo
Philippe Grovernier Sacha Zahnd
Philippa Halden Peter Zaugg
Thanks also for observations by the Basel Ornithological Society, on a field trip in the region the same day.

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