Participants 29 May, 2022

Participants for the Osprey Morning 29 May, 2022 at Fanel Nature Reserve

Many thanks to all!

Even if not everyone was lucky enough to see an Osprey, all the observers enjoyed the magical atmosphere of a dawn chorus and sent in some very nice observations. For example, a fox (which is not really supposed to like water) swimming to an island, a remarkable number of beavers, Golden Orioles (some even seen, not just heard), a Peregrine Falcon (in an unusual spot for the species at this time of the year), a Sparrowhawk, and several Marsh Harriers and Hobbies. Not forgetting fantastic views of Herons (Purple as well as Grey and one Squacco), Egrets (Great and Little), and also Little Bitterns, Night Herons and White Storks. Seven different warbler species were reported, and last but not least, one Hoopoe—briefly perching on a nest platform meant for the Osprey! About 100 species altogether were seen or heard. Thanks again to all the following participants:

Jérémy Angéloz Ambre de Herde
Daniel Aubin Jean-Luc Holweger
Eliane Bärtschi Christelle Jaeggi
Enzo Bertolo Roberto Jaeggi
Nadine Bitterli Karin Jordi
Anna Boila Rolf Jordi
Dave Brooks Wam Kahumbu Dennler
Ric Brown Didier Kneubuehler
Emmanuel Carino Morgane Krieger
Mirella Catella Jean-Emmanuel Lalive
Michel Cattin Denis Landenbergue
Lorenzo Cavagliotti Karin Maurer
Fabienne Challandes Urs Meier
Joël Chappuis Serge Nussbaumer
Christine Clivaz Simon-Pierre Parrat
Eddy Clivaz Didier Pépin
Emile Curty Jean-Yves Pirot
Carole Daenzer Maija Purvina
Pierre Daenzer Pascal Rapin
Marc Di Emidio Patrick Reymond
Martial Farine Yonnah Rossier
Pascal Fivaz Jean-Claude Schouwey
Charles Francey Tom Schouwey
Niels Friedrich Carmen Sedonati
Mickael Gael Comte Wendy Strahm
Didier Gobbo Luc Villarejo
Benjamin Gygax Claudine Waespe
Alba Hendier Peter Zaugg
  Marièle Zufferey

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