Calling for volunteers

Daniel Schmidt and Wendy Strahm Brandenburg Germany June 2012

Please note that we now have volunteers signed up for all the available slots in 2020. Thank you for your interest!

We are looking for hard-working and dedicated volunteers willing to join us for two solid weeks between the end of June and mid-September, 2020. We will put you up in simple conditions and feed you. You in return will do all the tasks necessary to keep our baby birds happy until they fly off on their first migration. These tasks include fetching and chopping up fish, feeding the birds, taking turns watching over the birds, mainly via webcams or else radio-tracking them once they are released, taking notes, informing the public about the project and ensuring that no one disturbs the birds in any way. You will also contribute to the communal good, i.e. taking turns in shopping, cooking and cleaning (both the aviaries and where the team will be living). At any one time we will be working in a team of four to five people. You don’t need to be an experienced ornithologist to participate in the project. The main requirement is to have a keen interest in birds and conservation, and to have a good sense of humour.

What do you get from this?

A certificate! Yes, we will provide all volunteers with a certificate  to show that you have contributed to the Swiss Osprey reintroduction project. You will also get the opportunity to work with biologists and experienced conservationists, and learn all about Ospreys, how to care for them and watch them grow. You will also have some good stories to tell after spending two weeks with us we can assure you. And we will make sure that you are insured just in the very unlikely case that anything happens to you while you are spending your two weeks with us. Minimum age preferably over 18 and ideally having a driving permit. All volunteers should be able to ride a bike.

If this description hasn’t horrified you, then please contact us

The Osprey in Switzerland