Mouche is back in Moselle

Mouche PS4 an Osprey in Moselle

Great news from France by David Meyer, who saw two Osprey back at their nest in Moselle on Saturday, March 27. After long and patient monitoring he was able to read the rings and confirm on the 29th that Mouche (PR4) and her partner were indeed back. For the record, Mouche was born in Germany in 2016, when she was translocated and released at Bellechasse, only to be seen once in 2018 in eastern France. She returned in 2019 in Moselle where she paired with a male ringed AM06, and the two built a late nest in the summer. The pair returned in 2020 and bred for the first time, hatching at least one chick which unfortunately did not survive. Hopefully they will be more successful this year!

On the other hand, we hope to have news soon about Arthur (F12), Taurus (PS7) or any other territorial birds in Switzerland. There has already been a greater than average number of Osprey observations in the Three Lakes region since the beginning of spring, although this could be due to more observations during Covid-19 times, remarkably mild weather for a week, more passing Osprey than usual, or a combination of all of these. The suspense is building up for the first sighting of an Osprey with a blue ring on its right tarsus…