Fifth year project report

Osprey at Hagneck 2019

A report on the fifth year of reintroducing Osprey to Switzerland (“Cinquième année de réintroduction du Balbuzard pêcheur Pandion haliaetus en Suisse”) has been published in the March 2020 edition of the journal Nos Oiseaux. While only in French, it includes news about the three birds reintroduced at Bellechasse that have returned so far: the male Fusée to Switzerland and the female Mouche to eastern France (both released in 2016, and returning for the second time); and the male Taurus (released in 2017), returning to the Trois-Lacs region of Switzerland for the first time. Mouche has even found a partner and they built a nest in the French Department of Moselle, although too late in the season to breed!  In 2019, 12 additional young birds were translocated from Germany and Norway, and all successfully migrated. Our nest-building team has continued to work hard, and we now have 21 nesting platforms ready and waiting. The article can be downloaded here.

We are now in the process of organising the volunteer team for 2020. If you are interested and available for two weeks sometime between the end of June and mid-September, a few slots are still available – so please contact us.