Our second season has started

Oaprey Norway nestTwelve young ospreys coming from former eastern Germany and from southern Norway are now in Switzerland at the reintroduction site of Bellechasse (FR). We will keep them in the specially constructed “hacking” cages until they are ready to fly. Right now they are adapting to their new home and their new environment and, like all growing teenagers, eating a lot!

Many thanks to ringers Holger Gabriel and Mario Firla in Germany, and to Rune Aae of University College Østfold in Norway, who collected the birds and then took care of them (and us). They had to climb quite a few tall trees or high electricity pylons, and did this with great professionalism and efficiency. Thanks also to Daniel Schmidt, who organised the German operation and drove with us and another Osprey enthusiast, Günther Röber, all night to bring the birds to Switzerland.