Our Roger is number 1!

Roger F07

Our Ospreys have started to head south, and Roger (F07) was the first to migrate. The reason why we called him Roger is because he had a “number 1” design on his head. So it seemed obvious what this Swiss star should be called, even if we didn’t know that he would be number 1 to migrate! He left on August 26, a bright and sunny day with a strong northerly wind (perfect conditions for Osprey travel).

Fusée (PR9), the biggest surprise this year, also left on August 26. Released in 2016 and first seen back in Switzerland in May, he suddenly appeared at Bellechasse on July 28.  It was a pleasure seeing him in the region for a month, communing with the young birds released this year, and appropriating an artificial nest that we had built.  Let’s hope he will have a safe trip to Africa, and that we will see him here again next year!

Since Roger’s and Fusée’s departure, eight other birds have also left on migration, including a record number of five on September 4, a warm and sunny day with a nice breeze. Currently we still have three birds with us: the two youngest (Mystère and Pistache), as well as Mirage. Unfortunately Mirage was injured the day after she was released, slipping on top of a wet electricity pylon when landing for the second time in her life. Our great thanks go to the Centre Ornithologique de Réadaptation at Genthod for their dedicated care, and we hope that she will soon be strong enough to be released.