A room with a view

Osprey nest at Hagneck

In preparation for the 2021 Osprey season, we have just built a new nest platform in a very special place: the Aar delta nature reserve at Hagneck, on the shores of Lake Bienne. This site is particularly strategic since last year Arthur (born in 2018 and ringed F12), spent much of the summer here. We of course hope that he will come back after an arduous return migration (of probably 8-9,000 km), and find this nest with a fabulous view to his liking.

This is the 22nd platform built by the Osprey Project of Nos Oiseaux, this time with the generous help of the CEPOB (Centre d’Etude et de Protection des Oiseaux, Bienne et environs), which sponsored its construction as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations. Built with all the necessary authorisations, this “room with a view” could not have been achieved without the brilliant work of the climbers Christian Grand and Yann Marbach, as well as the support of Emile Curty and other volunteers on the ground. Now we just need to cross fingers that Arthur will return this spring! For some photos of the team in full action, see here.