First couple

Swiss Osprey Taurus PS7It seems that both Taurus (PS7) and Arthur (F12) have already migrated south, although we are still checking. But the big news is that Taurus, four years old, had a partner this summer! We kept it very quiet to avoid any risk of disturbance, but they were seen together for at least five weeks, and during that time they were inseparable. In addition, the female had a ring (AB13), indicating that she was born  in eastern Germany in 2014. Summer is often a favourable time for Osprey pairs to form, as was the case for example in Moselle with Mouche two years ago. While we don’t know exactly when AB13 turned up in the Three-Lakes regions and first met Taurus, we do know that she migrated before him, which is normal for this species. This first known formation of an Osprey pair in Switzerland for over a century is promising, since once formed, Osprey pairs tend to stay together year after year. So let’s hope that all goes well with their migration and wintering, and that they will both return safely to Switzerland next spring!