30 nests

Nest-building team observing the latest Osprey nest platform

On April 9-10 we built two more nest platforms, just on the other side of the border in the French Department of the Doubs. This is to encourage our “mystery male”, an Osprey with just a metal ring on his left leg and none on his right. We strongly suspect that he is a bird released at Bellechasse that has lost his blue plastic ring, and still hope to be able to read the code of his metal ring at some point. This spring he was first spotted back on April 3 and he has even been seen transporting nesting material (although so far there is no female in sight)!

As we were building the second platform on April 10, an Osprey briefly circled high just overhead, almost as if it was inspecting the operation under way. Was this our “mystery male”, or just a passing bird?

However, in the meantime two fantastic nest platforms are now available in the upper Doubs, both on Silver Firs. One of them, at 48m high, is the tallest of the 30 nests that we have built so far. Great thanks again to the climbers Christian and Paco Grand and to the very motivated team (photo above) who have invested much time and energy for the success of this memorable weekend.