Three young Ospreys on the same nest

Three Ospreys on Nest 1 3 September 2015The photo above was taken shortly before PP5 (bird to the left) departed on migration on September 11. We built two nests in front of the aviaries so that the young Ospreys could get used to seeing them. We were delighted when they started to perch on the nests.

Osprey nest 1 aerial view
Bird’s-eye view from the top of the nest.

In the wild Osprey nests are of course much larger and with many more branches than these. However, we built these nests during the peak of the July 2015 heatwave, which limited how much work we could do. We will do better for 2016!

Thanks go to Michel Beaud and Pascal Rapin for their help in building these nests with Wendy Strahm and Denis Landenbergue, as well as to the Etablissements de Bellechasse who built and installed the platforms.

Building nest1 Michel Beaud and Wendy Strahm
Nest-building in 40° heat.
Pascal Rapin nest2 building
Pascal’s-eye view from the bottom of the nest.