Great news from Portugal

View of Alqueva reservoir from Monsarraz.
View of Alqueva reservoir from the village of Monsarraz.

It has just been reported that a pair of Ospreys nested  for the first time this year in the Alqueva reservoir, site of the  Portuguese Osprey reintroduction project. However, it seems that the birds nested just across the border in the Extremadura region of Spain! The nest was spotted from a boat by Dr Luis Palma on July 19th, but the interior of the nest couldn’t be seen, and no birds were observed in the vicinity. However, Spanish wildlife guard Nicolás Durán and Isabel Asensio saw a pair accompanied by a juvenile on 30 August, indicating that the Portuguese reintroduction project has had its first success. The reintroduction of this species at the Alqueva Reservoir started in 2011 and is still ongoing. Congratulations to our Portuguese colleagues and friends for this wonderful result!

Alqueva release aviaries 2 August, 2013.
Alqueva release aviary with Andreia Dias and João Ferreira.
Andreia Dias and friend.
Andreia Dias, project coordinator in 2013, with friend.