Three new nests and…

Nest-building by Christian Grand and Yann Marbach

This spring three new nests were built in the Three Lakes region, bringing the number of platforms built so far to 16. Thanks again to the very dedicated nest-building team, with super climbers Christian Grand, Paco Grand and Yann Marbach, helped from the ground by Michel Beaud, Emile Curty, Denis Landenbergue, Carmen Sedonati, Wendy Strahm and Henri Vigneau.

Since Fusée’s (PR9) return in April, he has been seen several times on one of our platforms, either resting, preening, or eating a fish. We were also delighted to see him carry a clump of earth with dry grass to the nest, carefully arranging it in the middle before scraping the centre of the nest with his feet into a little depression. And to top it off, after briefly lying down for a comfort test, he then rearranged a branch!  Even though Fusée is still a bit too young to breed (plus he hasn’t yet found a lady friend), this observation of some typical Osprey behaviour is the first of its kind to be made in Switzerland for over a century.

Preparations are now under way for the new 2019 reintroduction season, with the next translocation of chicks from Germany and Norway expected between the end of June and the middle of July.