European Plan for Osprey recovery

CoE Osprey reportA “Plan for the Recovery and Conservation of Ospreys in Europe and the Mediterranean Region in Particular” was adopted in November 2016 by all member States of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats of the Council of Europe. This plan saw its beginnings at the International Osprey Symposium held in Orléans, France in September 2013.  The European osprey conservation expert, Roy Dennis, was then asked to develop it. The document explores using a combination of pro-active management techniques that have already proved successful, as well as a range of measures for the sound management of healthy populations.  The vision is to restore and conserve breeding populations of ospreys to all areas where they were largely exterminated due to persecution by humans. It also aims to promote cooperation between regions where the ospreys breed in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, and where they winter in Africa. The “Nos Oiseaux” project in Switzerland, referred to in the plan, contributes to this vision and acts as a stepping stone for the overall restoration of Ospreys in Europe.