Class of 2018

F11-5jul18The 2018 Osprey reintroduction season is on track: on June 28, six chicks arrived by road from eastern Germany and entered Switzerland via Basel. The other six, from southern Norway, flew on a direct flight from Oslo to Zurich on July 5th.

It is not yet sure how many males and females there are, but at this point in time it appears to be about half and half. In general, males weigh less than 1.5 kg and females more, but for some chicks it is difficult to determine their sex as they are still growing.

Our “Class of 2018″ is now complete and all of the birds, aged between four to six weeks old, are doing well and eating lots of fish. A big thank you as always to the extremely dedicated specialists, climbers and volunteers, with whom we have a lot of fun working with!

Rune Aae and Wendy Strahm, with Hans-Erik Bakkland of Trust Forwarding checking in the birds at Oslo.
The birds arrived safely to Zurich Airport, thanks to Marianne Imhof and Marcel Brozius of Ace Pet Moving.