Recognising our volunteers

Nos Oiseaux AG osprey teamWe could never have done this project without the enormous amount of time and effort that have been provided by a large number of volunteers. We held a little ceremony at the General Assembly of Nos Oiseaux on March 19th  in recognition for every volunteer that spent two weeks taking care of our birds on-site at the Bellechasse prison last summer. They all received a certificate thanking them for their personal engagement, as well as a little “low calorie” gift of… hazelnut biscuits. To remind them of how many packets were eaten during the memorable hours spent watching over the birds during the summer of 2015. Once again our thanks to all who have contributed to the project. Note too that it is still not too late to sign up to volunteer for the project for two weeks during the summer of 2016. We look forward to hearing from you on!

(photo from left to right : Denis Landenbergue, Erwan Zimmermann, Emanuel Carino, Karine Vincent, Wendy Strahm, Christelle Mugny, Michel Beaud and Emile Curty. Missing  are Gilbert Bavaud, Andreia Dias, Astrance Fenestraz-Chervet and Jean-Michel Progin).